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Originally Posted by The Man View Post
Well of course they can't hire good help. Good help expects to get paid; there's no way it'd serve a horror show like this administration for free.

Which specific tweet was it, btw? Your link goes to her feed.
It was just the other day, *checking* how much of a tweet firehose-

Well, okay then.

Starts here:
Propane Jane™ on Twitter: "Nepotism is gonna be what takes them all down too.
Oh, and emails... ☕️"
Actually before that, she's revisiting some stuff from April, but you can reserve going in depth at your leisure.

Ends about here:
Propane Jane™ on Twitter: "Ivanka Trump implicated in Russia scandal via @shareblue"

Probably easier to start at the end and start scrolling up until you reach the first, because Twitter threading.
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