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Cohen gets a lot wrong.

The DNC email hack was almost certainly russian intelligence as reported by multiple security firms and the CIA who has said the culprits were also known russian agents. The only evidence presented against this was the claims of known liar, cowering rapist, russia supporting and seething Hillary Clinton hating hermit Assange. Assange has claimed he has evidence to exonerate russia but hasn't produced it. Strangely he also turned down hacks on the russian government while telling everyone Wikileaks publishes everything they receive.

All of that is separate from the collisions allegations which he completely misrepresents as "having contacts." Which makes me think he either doesn't know what he's talking about or is being purposefully misleading, the issue is simplified to,
Russia, "Hey Trump we have some potentially illegally gained information on your rival that will help put you in power, we should make a deal!"
Trump and his people, "Why yes Russia, we would love any outside help from your government and any illegal files you may have!"
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