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Default Re: Lynemouth Power Station

The oxygen in our air is extremely corrosive once given a chance to do its thing, it's also the oxygen that makes hydrogen so dangerous. In a closed system hydrogen is a great heat exchange gas and has the added bonus of consuming any stray oxygen during production or high heat if oxygen corrosion is a worry. Really many highly flammable gasses make great heat exchangers, it's mostly human stupidity that has led to using alternatives. I assume a whole ton of bells and alarms would go off if the pressure ever suddenly dropped fast. Although there is something morbidly funny about the first warning sign being everyone talking in a higher pitched voice.

I kinda feel like burning anything that comes from America is a gain on future green possibilities. I don't know much of anything about England's ecology but it could amusingly be a positive or at least neutral carbon footprint. The US has quite a number of sustainable green lumber projects with fast growing trees smart culling and reseeding.
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