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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks

Dogwhistle that just came to my attention:

Urban Dictionary: Legacy Media

"Legacy media" is politi-speak that political conservatives use to identify long-standing ("mature") media outlets (such as the TV news networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc., and the major print news services - New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times., etc.) Typically, these ostensibly "left-wing" news outlets are critical of conservative political agendas. Why the conservative wordsmiths use "legacy media" instead of "liberal media" is a mystery. Perhaps they feel that the term "liberal media" has been kicked around too long and needs replacement.
liberal elite
"Many in the legacy media love mass shootings (because of the TV ratings they garner)."
Dana Loesch, spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, in a speech before the American Conservative Society, February 22, 2018.
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