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Default Re: have you had your dna tested

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
I just can't think of any reason I'd want to do that, and especially not one that would negate the risks of giving my DNA to some corporation. (Sure, I guess they could steal it or whatever, but if they want to sell my DNA information to insurance companies or something, they should have to work for it.)
Yes, this. Not especially interested in handing over genetic material coupled with a boatload of unblinded, individually identifiable personal information, particularly without any meaningful ability to govern the purposes for which it is subsequently used, or withdraw my consent to such uses. That is a poor privacy practice. And while I do not have any lineal descendants, if I did, it would be a pretty direct invasion of their privacy as well - about which they were never consulted and to which they never had any opportunity to give consent.

Also, it is mostly bullshit.
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