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Default Re: What's the frequency, Colorado?

The civil unions bill jumped all the right hurdles. It even made it through the House Finance Committee thanks to the vote of our rep, a lolbertarian whackadoo named Don Beezley.

So then, faced with certain knowledge that the bill had more than enough support to pass the full House, had already passed the Senate and had the Governor's full support, what's a Republican Speaker of the House like Frank McNulty to do? Surely he showed some old-time Western U.S. gumption and backbone by letting the bill go to the floor, thereby telling the right wing hate group Focus on the Family that it doesn't own the Colorado Republican Party anymore.

lol of course not. McNulty and Majority Leader Amy Stephens ran out the clock, using procedural machinations to ensure the bill didn't get to the floor before the General Assembly's current session ended.

Fine by me. Coloradans need to know that the state Republican party is in fact still under the control of shitbags like FoF. It'll make taking back the House in November a little easier.
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