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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Originally Posted by SR71 View Post
I think Kamalah might has the it factor. I'm only superficially familiar but have a favorable impression. Apparently I'm not alone.
So far I like her or Sherrod.
I like Harris as a public persona, and I think she's really smart and well qualified, but I fear she may be Clinton 3.0 in terms of big money interests, prosecuting poor people for political gains, and not prosecuting rich people. Maybe at best an Obama 2.0.

Kamala Harris, Opportunist to the Core: Launches Prez Bid on MLK Day, Since She Has to Remind People She's Black After Criminalizing Truancy, Keeping CA Prison Rolls Up to Provide Cheap Labor; Sends Tone-Deaf, Narcissistic Campaign E-mail | naked capitalism

Yves Smith is not pulling any punches on this one.

Her lack of a commitment to homeowners, and her pliancy to big money interests, was confirmed by her failure to investigate One West Bank, ignoring a 2013 memo from attorneys in her office flagging the appearance of “widespread misconduct.” Her complacency was rewarded via One West’s former CEO, Steve Mnuchin, making Harris the recipient of his lone donation to a Democratic party Senate candidate.

Needless to say, if Harris had prosecuted Mnuchin, it’s hard to imagine he’d be Treasury Secretary now.
(emphasis mine)

Yeah, centrist Democrats are light years better than any Republican, but she's going to have to do some work to convince people she's not just another shill for big money interests.
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