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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Yeah, this is why I say, Brown would need to be so impressive that I'm convinced we can afford to lose his Ohio seat for at least four years because of how hard he will thump Trump.

We already need to win AZ/CO/ME and then at least one of AL/GA/IA/KS/MT/NC/TX (or some fluky Jones-like win elsewhere like AK or KY) or for some other GOP seat to open up due to death or resignation (not totally implausible, they do have some olds, some who might want a cabinet position, and certainly some who might have career-ending scandals). Losing Ohio's seat means we need at least two from that latter group. And I wouldn't really want to risk it unless it looks like we'll get more like four or more of them.
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