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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Originally Posted by erimir View Post
My hope is that Tulsi Gabbard's campaign will draw the scrutiny needed to get someone good to primary her for her Congressional seat.
Tulsi Gabbard campaign in disarray - POLITICO

Campaign manager Rania Batrice and Gabbard’s consulting firm Revolution Messaging are set to depart after this weekend’s official kickoff in Hawaii, two sources familiar with the situation told POLITICO. Gabbard is leaning on her sister, Vrindavan, to fill the void.

Meanwhile, the congresswoman is under fire back home after picking a fight with Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), and a prominent Democratic state lawmaker is already challenging Gabbard in next year’s congressional primary. That means she faces the possibility of losing the presidential race and her House seat as well.
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