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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Eh, we shall see.

I think

1. it's too early to be disqualifying someone on the prospect that the media won't let go of something you yourself consider a minor issue

2. Democrats and allies ought to be pushing back against inanities like this dominating coverage because

3. even if it's not Warren, there's a good chance some other bullshit will be used against the candidate, and it's better to be pushing back on media biases (whether you consider them right-wing bias, or bias towards inanity, or bias towards clicks/ratings, both-sides-ism, whatever) that damage Democrats now, instead of waiting until June when we discover that nominee Bernie Sanders's general election campaign coverage is going to be dominated by Jane Sanders's university mismanagement*, that time he attended a Sandinista rally where they chanted about how "the Yankee will die", and his weird rape fantasy essay instead of his policy platform, his substantive political record, and how that compares to Trump, etc.

*and remember how there was an FBI investigation and the media was all obligated to run front page stories about it repeatedly? Because it was automatically big news because it was an FBI investigation and it should be treated as prima facie valid and likely to uncover crimes?
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