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Default Re: Fancying myself something of a photog

Originally Posted by Pyrrho View Post
After the battery is fully charged I may try some RAW format which I have never fooled with.
Oh I don't know what I would do without RAW. I learned partly on slide film, which can be unforgiving especially in the light cast and yet these days I sometimes forget about the general concept of white balance because RAW lets you fix it after the fact. It's also changed how I use strobe lighting. In the past people would get readings and make sure everything was just right, now I basically make a guess, snap a picture as my light meter and adjust from there.

Also enjoy wearing the shutter out for free! It's still a bit mind boggling that I've worn shutters out without spending a fortune in developing or dying young of some sort of cyanide, mercury or other heavy metal poisoning.
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