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I keep thinking of two after-the-event interviews I read, years ago.

One was with an ex-Army (if I'm remembering correctly) Iraq veteran who had been present at the Aurora, Colorado shooting. When asked why he, as a licensed carrier of a concealed weapon hadn't returned fire and killed the attacker, he replied along the lines of: "There were people screaming and running around; it was a confused mess -- I'm a combat veteran and there's no way I could have returned fire under those circumstances and been sure I'd hit the shooter and not civilians."

Similarly, a concealed-carry person at the event where Gabby Giffords was shot said much the same thing in an interview. He also pointed out that if he had opened fire -- without knowing exactly who the shooter(s) were, where they might be, or even how many there might have been -- all he would have done is make the situation worse. And, quite possibly, gotten himself shot by the police when they showed up -- because, after all, how would they have known that he was one of the "good guys with a gun"?
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