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Default Re: More blithe racism

He chided the West for its harsh view of Islamic treatment of women - "I reject the view of some in the West that a woman who chooses to cover her hair is somehow less equal" - and suggested that denying education to women is the gravest Muslim sin against women. He could have denounced "honor killings," forced marriages and how women in Muslim countries are flogged on the pretext of minuscule violations of eighth-century Sharia law.
I think the Muslim connection to this is overplayed. The tribal and cultural factors that define women and fertility as property of the patriarch do not have more than partial reflection in Islamic scripture or Sharia Law. Another term for Pruden's 'forced marriages' is arranged marriages, which as strange as that seems in some Western cultures, is still the norm in most of the rest of the world, and not a peculiarity to Muslim nations.

As to Sharia law- yeah. Draconian in general and especially towards women. But Sharia Law found an upsurge in Saudi Arabia, our ally, that monarchy, after the Saud royal family adopted Wahhabist fundamentalist Islam and then funded the resurgence of Wahhabism throughout Sunni-dominant lands, including Pakistan. Saudi Arabia that has had a close relationship with the U.S. for a number of presidencies now, especially Reagan and Bush I and II.

Big talkers don't know when to stop when they're on a rhetorical roll because they can't remember which facts are actually facts and which "facts" they're making up.
Yup. Does the same rule apply to your rhetorical character assassination, sir? The sad thing again is there are substantive things to actually criticize the Administration on. But that's alright. You just keep on frothing the racist monologues that continue to define and marginalize the right.
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