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Default Re: What the fuck, Florida?

The past drug use may not even be illegal.

The 5 main tested for drugs,
1 Cannabinoids. Illegal name: Marijuana, Hash. Legal RX name: Marinol.
2 Cocaine. Illegal name: Crack. Legal RX Name: None.
3 Amphetamines. Illegal name: Speed, Meth. Legal RX Name: Desoxyn, ProCentra.
4 Opiates. Illegal name: Heroin. Legal RX name: Morphine. Vicodin.
5 PCP. Ilegal name: Angel Dust. Legal RX name: None

Extended, common additions to the top 5,
6 Barbiturates Illegal name: Barbs. Legal RX name: Luminal
7 Benzodiazepines Illegal name: Benzo. Legal RX name: Xanax, Valium
8 Alcohol. Legal RX name: Captain Morgan. Not scheduled but most abused.
9 MDMA. Illegal name: Ecstasy. Legal RX name: None

While each of these drugs are at different levels of control and some are given out more frequently than others, it's possible to be legally on 6 of the 9 listed here.

One way you could look at this is the government isn't angry people are using drugs, they are angry they aren't using drugs from government sanctioned suppliers.
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