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Default Re: Return to Gender 101

There is some truth, though, to women generally having better color perception because they have two X chromosomes, which is where color perception is coded. And men, only having one, are more likely to have color blindness. So if the point is that, on the aggregate, women have better color perception than men do, that's no more offensive than saying that men, on the aggregate, are larger than women. It's just a thing. It is more than a little dumb when people take broad demographic data like that and try to apply it on an individual level, because traits like that are not nearly as expressed as they usually seem to think. That is, even if there's a significant trend over a broad population, in a lot of cases, applying it to individuals still makes you wrong about half the time. That's just people not understanding statistics, though.

It also isn't necessarily offensive to say that women, on the aggregate, are more socialized to perceive slight color differences than men are, and that men are often socialized NOT to perceive or at least not to let on that they perceive subtle color variations. That is also true. Acknowledging that isn't necessarily an endorsement, so that's not offensive on its own either.

It doesn't get actually offensive until you start to drill down to turning that into an insult, as in when it's framed as being a feminine trait, and thus trivial or inferior and deserving of ridicule when men do it.
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