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Default Weird Dream(s)

Is there a thread for weird dreams? If not...

I was at some kind of paramilitary compound with Dr. House, but I can't remember what we were doing there. Anyway we wandered into a tall office building and I told him a joke before we got on the elevator. He smirked, which I saw as a great accomplishment.

On the elevator we were going up, up, up... then suddenly it did its best impression of a 70's public service message: It stopped, dropped and rolled.

As the elevator was flipping over (and yes, I'm aware of the physical impossibility of this in real life) we were able to stay upright by moving along the wall, then the ceiling. Meanwhile, Dr. House had morphed into an old friend of mine I haven't seen in a long time, and he was whining in this shrill, panic-stricken voice "what do we do?! What are we supposed to do?!" as the elevator plummeted downward.

My first thought was that what was happening wasn't possible according to everything I know about elevators (in real life I did a lot of research when I worked in downtown Chicago - anxious chap that I am). My second thought, and what I said in response, was "It's okay, we're just upside down! Well not even really upside down. The ELEVATOR is upside down. We're still upright!" Meanwhile I made sure to bend my legs and try to physically relax so my bones would be less likely to shatter, but I didn't think to say that.

Just then the elevator slowed to a stop and I woke up.
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