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Originally Posted by The Man View Post
Chaffetz is resigning his seat. Live boy? Dead girl? Farm animal? Russian kompromat? Upcoming FBI indictment? Didn’t want to be on record making votes in the Shitgibbon era? Wants to make money grifting the rubes on Fox News or elsewhere? Something else? Some or all of the above? Place your bets!

(He appears to have intended to run for governor in 2020, but given that resigning one’s seat is not generally a constructive means to that end, I would not expect that to be the only explanation. It does appear that several people with intelligence sources are favouring the kompromat/FBI interpretation, but until more details come out I’m not willing to say for sure.)
Chaffetz may have won election in the 3rd Congressional District of Utah, but he is not that popular state-wide. Only 52% in his district view him favorably now, 49% statewide.
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