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Default Re: The war on big food.

I allowed myself to stop watching that a couple of minutes in. But what always gets me is how that sort of thing is characterized as some kind of edgy freethinking kind of stuff. It's not. He just sounds like my racist uncle, the one who never moved away from the small rural property he was raised on. The one with the mail order bride who ended up being a thousand times smarter and more accomplished than him.

There's nothing edgy or new or interesting about what he's saying, and as much as the "alt" right likes to pretend that they're somehow cooler or smarter than the ignorant backwoods type conservatives who hate and fear intellectuals and cityfolk, they're not. They're still just dumb and scared and too intellectually lazy to even try understanding anything outside of their personal experiences. They have different hairstyles and they maybe smoke pot and they're less likely to claim the basis of their dull, prescriptive views is the Bible, but the differences between them and the stereotypical redneck on a scooter decorated with American flags and inchoate, misspelled missives are pretty much cosmetic.

ETA: Oh, shit. Topic. They probably like frito pies and green bean casseroles?
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