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Default Re: The generic "Look at what Israel's doing now" thread

In this case I am kinda happy about Israel sabotaging the 'peace process', look at what Abbas already agreed to :ohnoes:

These concessions offered by Abbas go beyond the known formula of two independent states on the 1967 borders (the Green Line):

- The Palestinian state would be demilitarized. (This was a key demand brought up by Netanyahu in his 2009 Bar-Ilan speech.)

- A new border would leave 80 percent (!) of the settlers under Israeli sovereignty.

- A five-year-long Israeli presence in the strategic “security zones” – mostly the Jordan Valley – that would be replaced by American forces. (This means Abbas actually offered to make the Palestinian state an enclave inside Israel for a very long period of time.)

- All Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem would become part of Israel. (In other words, recognition of Israel’s annexation of certain parts of the city.)

- A symbolic return of refugees, which would depend on Israeli authorization. “Israel will not be flooded with refugees,” Abbas said during the negotiations, according to the American source.
Abbas’ generous offer to Israel | +972 Magazine
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