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Default Re: The generic "Look at what Israel's doing now" thread

Watser?, I agree with much of what you say. The Palestinians, for instance, have been given the short end of the stick from the start. The semblance of democracy in Israel does not apply to Palestinians at all, and that is so regardless of the Green Line. The human rights of Palestinians have been bulldozed by the Israelis on a massive scale, both literally and metaphorically. Though you did not explicitly say so, I think you'd agree with me that Israel is no less terroristic in relation to its handling of Palestinians than vice versa. I don't regard the Israeli government as the good guys any more so than you do.

Where we differ is what outcome we prefer. I wish I had your optimism about what a Palestinian nation would look like. You mentioned secularism. Pigs will fly. Nobody talks about the PLO, let alone its covenant because neither have played a part in the tragedy that is the Middle East conflict for quite some years now. Hamas rules now that it has neutralised Fatah. I predict that ISIS will take over from Hamas inside the next three years and attempt to turn the region into a theocratic, dictatorial caliphate that will make both its predecessors look positively enlightened.

Both Iraq and Syria might arguably have been governed in a secular manner - for a little while - more or less - under dictatorships and coups and counter-coups. No democracy in sight at all.

My sole preference, as I said, is the Israeli government's reasonable semblance to a democracy (and need I point out once more that I know it does not apply to Palestinians?) in light of the contrasting forms of government surrounding it, which are either theocratic, dictatorial or a mix of both.

Bit of a hot potato, that, and not popular with socialists, or even social democrats, I know, but then I never was all that enamoured of conformity. If Palestine ever comes into existence as a nation it will be a theocracy, a dictatorship or a mix of both. Covenant or not, it will not be a democracy in anything but name.

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