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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks

People who work for the media will argue, with a straight face, that media cannot be criticized as too deferential or complicit towards Trump because he "despises and unceasingly attacks" it.

1. Right-wing attacks media as being biased towards the left on flimsy grounds
2. Media adjusts by hiring mediocre right-wing columnists and moderating coverage that could be seen as critical of the GOP, while emphasizing minor criticisms of the Democrats
3. Right-wing continues to attack media as being biased towards the left anyway
4. Democrats point out ways the media is going easy on the right-wing, accepting right-wing framing, effectively misleading the public, etc.
5. But even ostensibly left-wing media workers will claim that right-wing attacks on the media demonstrate that Democratic complaints are unfounded
6. PROFIT! (for the right-wing)

And that's why the mainstream media sucks.

ETA: I do have a question though:
Originally Posted by davidm View Post
I will add that I think Trump, if elected, will do nothing to impede gay or transgender rights and will not appoint Scalias to the Supreme Court.
Originally Posted by davidm View Post
I, personally, as an editor for the major daily that you and Trump despise, edited enough articles about Hillary’s specific policy proposals to choke a fucking horse. Please don’t condescend to tell me what I did or did not do, or what other professional journalists did or did not do. You have no clue what we do, nor how hard we work. Does this mean journalists are exempt from criticism? Of course not. Anyone who has read my posts will notice how scathing I have been in criticism of the media, including the Times, when the criticism is deserved.
[underlining mine]

Was the perspective in the prior quote reflected in the editing of any articles about Clinton's or Trump's policy proposals regarding LGBT rights? Or the Supreme Court?

Would you, davidm, stand by all the editing you did of any articles relating to these policies during the election? I'm curious.

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