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OK, we have a devastating tragedy.

Stupid haunted Matlock's new Nokia 3310 is now also malfunctioning, as his previous dumbphone did.

I'm pretty sure it's not entirely his fault, though, because he can use my phone just fine. So we're going to return the Nokia (on the LAST DAY possible), then I figure I'll give him my phone, but then I need a new one, and I don't know what.

I want a cheap Android phone (it'd be great if there were a phone that already had Lineage or something installed, but I'm not expecting to find that), with a replaceable battery. Preferably GSM so I can just switch my SIM card over, but I could switch to CDMA if it was a good enough deal otherwise.

I don't do much other than calls and texts on it and would probably only even turn data on like once or twice a year. I mostly just want something cheap.

I am just sick and tired of looking at fucking phones all the livelong day for my whole entire life like I have so far, so you guys do it for me this time? :beg:
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