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Default Re: Anybody Watching the Convention?

Originally Posted by HelenM
There are other explanations than the two you gave.
Well, minutely analyzing Bush's words might be an exercise in futility, but recently he told a group of Amish, "I trust God speaks through me." Not "I hope..." or something that would imply that he is trying to listen to his conscience, but that he simply TRUSTS that that is the case. And while Bush isn't the one who publicly claimed that he was 'appointed by God,' he never denied it, and he's said a few things that would seem to imply he believes it, too.

Personally, I have a hard time believing that he believes what he says he does. He had no qualms about executing massive numbers of prisoners (at least a few who were likely innocent) when he was Governor of Texas. He even made a point of publicly taunting Karla Fay Tucker about it.

He doesn't give to the poor. He doesn't aid the needy. He's spent his life trying to accumulate wealth and power. He lies, he attacks others, sometimes mercilessly, and frankly, I'm hard pressed to think of a single example of what is supposed to be Christian behavior, except for a hell of a lot of blathering about it. He talks a lot about religion, but if he really believes what he claims to, he must think he's above his religion's teachings, just as he seems to think he's above the law.

Karl Rove, one of the vilest, most evil and dissembling little schemers ever to walk the face of the earth, is Bush's right hand man and trusted advisor. KARL ROVE. And it's not like Bush is just hanging around with the guy because he's some tolerant Christian or something. He listens to the guy, and lets him conduct his disgusting little schoolyard campaign smears on his behalf. Remember what he did to McCain? Bush's presidency is built on lies, smears, and outright fraud. And he claims that God did it. How is this different from a murderer claiming that God ordered him to kill? How many Christians would be willing to accept that explanation? How many have been willing to accept Bush's? And why?

I can understand Christians saying they TRY to listen to their God, because I know what that means. That makes sense. It's humble, and it implies that they're at least trying to do the right thing. This is not what Bush claims. Bush's claims imply not that he's being introspective or trying to make the right decisions. They imply he's infallible.

As I said, whether Bush really believes this stuff or not is pretty much irrelevant to me. I've never understood how it is that so many people who claim to be Christian seem to think that it's sufficient just to talk about it a lot, and treat it cafeteria-style, picking the parts of it that they feel like following or that make them feel better, and ignoring the rest. I'm fairly certain that, if I were a Christian, I'd be even angrier at Bush than I am now for exploiting my belief system and for not even trying to live by its teachings. But apparently, a lot of US Christians think that's just fine.

Anyway, Kerry is a theist too.
What does that have to do with anything?
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