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Default Re: Anybody Watching the Convention?

Originally Posted by HelenM
Lots of conservative Christians who believe what they say support the death penalty because it's prescribed in various places in the Bible.
Wow. The Bible prescribes execution for the wrongly convicted?

I don't doubt that many people like that believe what they say, for large enough values of belief. I do doubt that they understand it, and I doubt their motives are sincere.

Exactly. So if you were a Christian you might not be angrier at him - you might be pleased that he is trying to live according to the Bible. Since lots of Christians do seem to feel that way.
Maybe if I were one of those Christians who believed everything they saw on Fox News or something, but what is the point of bringing up that hypothetical? What if I were illiterate, and lived somewhere along the Amazon or something, with no contact with the outside world, and Bush came to my village and gave me a candy bar? Hell, I might think he was a god. So what?

Bush has shown no real conviction, and no evidence that he's given any real thought to any of his beliefs. Apart from claiming to study the Bible, which is doubtful, what evidence is there that he understands Christianity, or humanity, or has even an iota of moral leanings, in any way at all?

I don't know. You brought up Bush's belief in God so I was simply pointing out that Kerry believes in God too.
So you didn't understand the point, then?
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