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Default Re: Anybody Watching the Convention?

Originally Posted by Clutch Munny
How is this evident?

All that's evident is that he says he does; more accurately, that his handlers say he does. Since his actions and words bespeak an interest neither in scriptural themes, nor religion more broadly, nor reading in general -- he's on record as disliking reading, in fact -- there is no reason to think he reads anything every day.
Wrong. There is reason - the quote I supplied which says he does!

Anyway, it's not true that he shows no interest in Scriptural themes. The key scriptural theme is God and clearly he talks about God more than most Presidents have.

Was he seeking God's will when he consulted with Bob Jones III, Christian minister who until recently banned interracial dating among the students at his university? If so, this is a strange notion of seeking, indistinguishable from what I would call indulging sick bigotry. If not, then it is unclear how merely spending time among Christian ministers, soi-disant and otherwise, amounts to seeking God's will.
I think you're confusing "he doesn't seek God's will" with "I object to how he seeks God's will".

In any case, this strikes me as trying to explain the obvious in terms of the less obvious.
I think that's exactly what you're doing when you dismiss the statement that he reads the Bible every day.

If you really do think that GW Bush is a well-intentioned and reflective man sincerely seeking to follow God's will in some non-pathological sense, then I do not believe that any investment of effort I'm willing or able to make here could convince you otherwise.
If you're going to dismiss quotes about what GWB does with "I don't believe it" then I agree that it's a pointless discussion.

I recognize the possibility that I'm misjudging him, to be sure. But the probability strikes me as vanishingly small.
I think it's highly likely you've misjudged him to some extent since you selectively dismiss things written about him simply because you don't believe them.

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