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Default Conservatives Say Unbelievably Creepy Shit

Creepy New Koch Brothers Ad Shows Uncle Sam ‘Playing Doctor’ | The Daily Banter

Inside an exam room, the woman is greeted by a doctor, presumably a gynecologist, who instructs the woman to hop onto the examination table and to, you know, “scoot on down.” The women props her feet in the stirrups in preparation for a vaginal exam at which time the doctor mysteriously leaves the room. After an uncomfortable beat, a man dressed in a disturbing Uncle Sam costume that looks like something out of a Rob Zombie torture-porn movie, complete with an over-sized grinning mask, rises up from below frame and stands creepily between the woman’s legs. Cut to the text: “Don’t let government play doctor” (get the sexual, rapey vibe here?) and then “Opt Out of ObamaCare.” After another beat, Ghoulish Uncle Sam ominously holds up a metallic vaginal speculum. Yes, a speculum, which he then proceeds to spread apart while tilting his head sideways with the same eerie grin plastered across his distorted face.

This an actual anti-Obamacare ad.
Congratulations, Koch Brothers! You've made Uncle Fucking Sam into a rapey villain!

"Trans Am Jesus" is "what hanged me"
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