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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
Chuck uses any small error that I might make (a mistake based on a technicality)
I do do that. I especially love technicalities like "peacegirl is lying again" or "peacegirl hasn't read her own source again" or "peacegirl is citing Holocaust deniers again" or "peacegirl has no evidence to support her claims again" or "the totality of facts demonstrates that peacegirl is wrong again" or "peacegirl lacks even a basic understanding of fundamental concepts again" or "peacegirl doesn't have the elementary knowledge or skills to critically analyze anything again" or "peacegirl is cognitively incapable of perceiving information that conflicts with her pre-existing beliefs" or "peacegirl is an ignorant parasite" or "peacegirl's Corrupted Text must be rejected because it is Corrupt" and the like.

Happily, virtually every single thing that peacegirl writes falls into one or more of these categories, so there's a lot for me to work with :yup: I guess that's why she hates me. Either that, or because I am the True Steward of the Authentic Text. Could be both, I guess.
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