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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by Vivisectus View Post
Originally Posted by peacegirl
He's not my boy. Every voter has to make tough decisions. The issue of vaccination was a deal breaker for me. You can intimidate me all you want. You also made a choice based on what was most important to you. That doesn't make you right and me wrong.
He kinda is: you voted for him. You chose to support him, and helped vote him into the presidency. And apparently you did so purely based on his stance about vaccines.

So you either agreed with his plans, or you just did not think they were important compared to his tweets about vaccines.

These plans include abolishing the ACA, spending billions on a wall along the Mexican border, banning Muslims from traveling to the USA, to cut taxes (for the rich, mostly), to bring in protectionist trade policies, to get rid of almost all environmental protection regulation, bringing back for-profit prisons and more mandatory minimum sentencing. And of course it seems you believed him when he said he was not going to cut medicaid and medicare... which he is currently in the process of doing, as predicted.

And it is not like any of this was a secret. This is what it said on the tin when you bought it, darling!

But hey - due diligence right? He promised a vaccine safety commission, and that is a dealbreaker for you.

BTW that is not what dealbreaker means.
I didn't like the stance that Hillary had on vaccines. I am a democrat but her lack of acknowledgement for the children who have been injured by vaccines was a deal breaker for me. She could not bite the hand that fed her, which means that she was bought by Big Pharma.

Originally Posted by Vivisectus
But you are all about due diligence, so you were aware of all this. You just did not think it was more important than some vague promise of a vaccine committee!
Yes, I was banking on that. I hope he still comes through but he has a lot on his plate right now, don't ya think?

Originally Posted by Vivisectus
So I guess that when they take your medicaid away or cut it in half, and when the ACA has been sabotaged out of existence whether a replacement gets through the house or not, when 24 million Americans lose their insurance and start dying from treatable diseases (or going bankrupt), when the USA takes their foot off the break where global warming is concerned, when it has been made easy to just rip out all natural resources without having to worry about what it does to the environment, while the rich and corporations have their taxes cut, you feel that is worth it.

Because maybe vaccines have unknown side effects!
I hope he doesn't hurt the elderly with any of his policies, and he keeps important parts of Obama Care intact like pre-existing conditions being insurable. If you had a pre-existing condition that needed coverage, you would probably have voted for Obama even if you were a Republican because that issue was close to your heart. I'm sure people who voted for Trump thinking he would help with the job situation didn't like all of his policies either but they chose him because they thought he was the better candidate based on their concerns. If he fails in his promise, that's another ballgame altogether. It's not anyone's fault for voting for him. The other competing issue that I'm very concerned about is the environment. It bothers me a lot that he would remove all the work Obama put in place regarding certain protections. As far as a wall is concerned and banning Muslims, I think his position is very extreme but I understand why he's doing it. Unfortunately, it is a form of profiling. I wish there was another way to protect American citizens from anyone (not just Muslims) who would come into this country and do harm.

Originally Posted by Vivisectus
Just out of curiosity: what does a complete failure to do due diligence look like, if this is not one?
Sorry, but this doesn't even come close. It's the importance of a particular issue that is of relevance here. Yes, it would be great if there was agreement on all issues across the board, but that's not usually the case.
"We will not solve the problems of the world from the level of thinking we were at when we created them" -- Einstein

"The fatal tendency of mankind to leave off thinking about a thing
which is no longer doubtful is the cause of half their errors" -- John Stuart Mill

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