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I was young, maybe a middle-schooler or a young teenager. A "Robert Preston from the Music Man" type person invites me to work for his user car business. I come there and there are a gaggle of teens "working" and the place is a complete mess. I proceed to clean up the place, and somehow (not revealed to me) I alienate everyone else. I try to strike up a conversation and the other teens just roll their eyes and walk away.

I then get assigned to work in the downtown location, which looks like a shack on an empty lot. The place has no people - the manager's desk is occupied by a hooded winter coat hanging over a lamp, like a lit scarecrow.

I proceed to clean this place up, get into the bathroom where large, clear plastic bags with some form of filth inside are everywhere and the bathroom is slimy. I'm washing out a plastic bag in the sink, and I look awful. So, this is when an attractive lady comes into the bathroom, laughs at me and asks if her 12 year old son can use it. So I wander outside, wondering if I can turn this woman's visit into a sale, but I don't know how I'm supposed to run a used car lot with no used cars and no money.

At this point, a cartoon coyote shows up and threatens to eat my chicken, the chicken responds by breaking a bottle on a light bulb in threatening manner and brandishing the broken bottle towards the coyote. Unfortunately, this is when I woke up.
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