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And just by the way, Theresa Mayhem's new chief of staff and long-time ally is Gavin Barwell ...

Former Housing Minister Gavin Barwell faced criticism [over the Grenfell Tower fire] after it was revealed that he had delayed a fire safety review. A report into fire safety in tower blocks had been shelved for four years.
He looks like a bobble-head ...

And ... well this speaks for itself ...

In 2015 Barwell won the election with a majority of just 165.[8]


Barwell's book, "How to Win a Marginal Seat: My Year Fighting for my Political Life", was published in March 2016.[9]

In the June 2017 election, Barwell lost his seat to Sarah Jones (Labour) by over 5,000 votes.[8]

On 10 June 2017 he was appointed as Downing Street Chief of Staff.
Well, he was available.

Free thought! Please take one!

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