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Originally Posted by erimir View Post
On the other hand, if a Labour coalition including the Lib Dems is viable after the next election, and they insist on sticking around, for some reason, they ought to insist on voting reform being passed as a condition of coalition, not merely holding a referendum on it.
Then they let themselves be screwed over by the Tories.
A switch to approval voting would prevent Conservatives from constantly taking advantage of vote splitting among Labour/Lib Dems/SNP/Greens/etc. It was foolish to try to get a concession on voting methods from the party that most benefits from plurality voting, but it might be possible to get it from Labour.
Approval voting? It was alternative voting or instant-runoff voting that was decided on in that referendum a few years back.

Unfortunately, advocates of alternative to FPTP were split, with supporters of proportional representation not being very enthusiastic about it.

If you are interested in implementations of alternative voting algorithms, I've created an archive of such implementations: I've most recently implemented a preference-vote version of "Majority Judgment". That required writing a weighted-median function.
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