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Default Re: Video Games - Watcha playin'?

Good thread Adam, extra points for playing a game in which I am God.

I have been playing God myself as of late. Dusted off Sims2, and have been creating all kinds of bizarre and crazy characters and environments. Stan O'Scratch is devilish rouge with the most epic of basement compounds, which from above appears the quaintest little cottage. The Gaudi family is a single mother with a love aspiration which is rude crude and butt ugly. Her child is evil too. I made an alternative culture ant farm. Three guys, Indie, Techno, and Punk, and three girls, Gothika, Granola, and Preppi. They live in a giant house that is shaped like an X, which was a bitch to build but turned out awesome. Great clash of personalities there.

When I want to kill something it is Tenchu Wrath of Heaven, because I am poor and it is still win after all these years. Love that game. I will not get a PS3 until I get HDTV, because why bother, and I won't be able to afford the whole shebang until aproximately fall 2011. So until then I am retro girl.
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