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Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
This is a thread about mayonnaise.

This is an investigation into some apparent changes to the Hellman's/Best Food mayonnaise recipe: Hellmann's mayonnaise different texture: Has something changed in Unilever's recipe?

I ran out of mayonnaise a while back, so I put it on my grocery list, bought some, but forgot to erase that offa the whiteboard after I did, so I bought a whole nother jar of mayonnaise the next time I was at the store. So I have two jars of mayonnaise that I have to get through before I can try that Just Mayo kind later. (I did try some at a Costco sample thing, but man, it was weird. The lady asked if I wanted a sample, and I was hungry, so I said OK, and she gave me a cracker with like a TABLESPOON of Just Mayo with garlic in it. Like a giant glob o' mayo. I ate it to be polite, but it was weird and sort of gross.)

I also have some Kewpie mayonnaise in the refrigerator.

I don't even use mayo very often, so it's weird I have so much of it around right now.

In conclusion: Mayonnaise.
Well of course BLT, but also don't forget, because MAYO!, is scramble egg and toast, to get rid of the excess mayo. A scramble egg can accompany an almost equal weight of mayonnaise. A physicist PROVED that is a fact once.
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