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Default Re: Climategate 2.0

Originally Posted by JEROME DA GNOME View Post
Originally Posted by erimir View Post
They saved these emails from the first time they hacked in
These are taxpayer provided information technologies.

Erimir, does not you boss have the right to what you write whilst he is paying you and you are using his paid for technology?
This sounds like a legal conclusion! :professor:


Explain to me again how you have the right to read all the emails sent by professors of the University of East Anglia (UK) because they work at a state university.

Explain to me again how you have the right to read all the emails sent by a professor who works at a public university in the US, where you actually pay taxes.

And then explain to me how hacking is not hacking if you think, for some reason, that you have a "right" to the files you hacked.

Also explain to me how any of that has anything to do with the fact that these emails are from the same batch as the other emails, and the first batch didn't actually contain any damning evidence. We're supposed to believe that the saved the really good emails for two years later, instead of releasing the ones that actually proved something the first time?
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