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Default Re: Ensign Steve waxes philosophical on the Singularity, a thrad by Ensign Steve

this has been an interesting read. i think i can relate and it's something i have talked about at my own site...let me know if this jibes:

once man breathes enough consciousness into our machines that they form a will to breathe on their own, we will become as they are. my wife used to play SIMS games and i was always interested in how she would give her sim some tasks to do and then it would do them on its own. oh it was following a program, but what if you could create a sim that didn't actually need you to function at all? at that point i think we become what we created, or, are already it.

so who programmed us into being? who wrote our code at the beginning that we lived by until we got to a point where we wrote our own code and lost sight of our irony as we are creating them.

this is becoming a revolution :shock:

i'm not trying to be religious in the usual sense of the world...god could just be a sad nerd whose project left them alone...again.
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