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Default Re: post your 419 emails here!

From : Mr.Eli Mast.
31floor Eugene Marais Avenue,
South Africa.

(Re: Transfer of 36,000,000)
(Thirty Six Million USD)

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Mr.Eli Mast, I work in the International operation
department in a Local Bank here in South Africa.On a routine
inspection I discovered a dormant domiciliary account with a Balance
of $36,000,000 (Thirty Six Million USD) on further discreet
investigation, I also discovered that the account holder has long
since passed away (dead) leaving no beneficiary to the account. The
bank will approve this money to any foreigner because the former
operator of the a/c is a foreigner and from Iraq in particular and I
am certainly sure that he is dead, and nobody will come again for the
claim of this money A foreigner can only claim this money with legal
claims to the account Holder; therefore I need your cooperation in
this transaction.

I will provide the necessary information needed in order to claim
this money, But you will need to open an account where this can be
transferred. If interested send your private Telephone No. And Fax
number including full details of the account to be used for the
Deposit I wish for utmost
confidentiality in handling this transaction as my job and the future
of my family would be jeopardized if it were breached.

The informations will be as follows..

Bank Name.........
Bank Address........
A/C Name.............
A/C Number..............
Swift Code No..............
Routing Number................

I want to assure you that the transaction is without risk if due
process is followed accordingly. Finally, I will give you 25% for
your corporation.

You should try to call me on my satelite phone no.
Tel: +874-763427915
: +874-763427918
Fax: +874-763427916

if you are calling my No. dial the way you use to call other
countries, do not put South African area code, because it is a
satellite phone.

I look forward to a favorable response from you.

Best Regards & God bless you and your family.


Mr.Eli Mast.

I am Barrister James Anigbogu (SAN), the personal attorney to late Mr. Robert Price, a citizen of the United states of America who died in a ghastly car crash along Abuja Expressway on the 21st of April this year, and who until his death worked for Julius Berger PLC. in Nigeria.
This letter is in accordance to a demand he made in his will before his death. My late client willed that 35% of the funds he had in deposit with a certain security company here in the country be disbursed as financial grant to Students in the USA.
To that effect, each of the beneficiaries will recieve a total sum of US$10,000 in form of a "Student Financial Grant"
I have taken it upon myself to fulfill this request by my late client
considering most especially the fact that he was both a friend and a client. Your school is one amongst three school i have selected through my search on the internet for schools with minimal financial funding schemes to students and prospective students.
This letter therefore is just a notification to you who happens to be one of the randomly selected students to benefit from this grant. You are hereby requested to get back to me as soon as possible if interested in this grant.

Barr James Anigbogu(SAN).
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