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Originally Posted by Русские банды View Post
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lol phishing

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1: I might have a webcam up on a shelf up there. From 2002 maybe. Never used it.

2: I view mail in text format.

3: lol password
Obvious weak fishings like this ones are campaign to make western peoples laugh and ignore risk. Russian Gang carry on with operation and not laughing.
Comrade here brings something up worth talking about. Induction into cults and scams. Prior to the doomsday election a tweeter to whom I will link in a minute talked about the mechanics of 419 scams and how it relates to Trump voters. The monologue covers so much more than just that and even though the assumed electoral result did not come to pass, it's still playing out as described to a different degree and in a different form. QAnon, flat earthers, that whacko arsonist in California that JJ MacNab talks about are examples.

Click for thrad.
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