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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Rolling Stone covers Q1 fundraising here.

With the backing of more than 500,000 donors, and contributions averaging about $20 a pop, Sanders pulled down more than $18 million in the first months of his 2020 bid. Nearly 90 percent of the money was raised from contributions of less than $200, his campaign said.
More than $12 million. The Harris campaign touted 218,000 donations (from 138,000 donors) and said that 98 percent of contributions were less than $100, with an average online donation of $28.
Beto O'Rourke: $9.4 million Q1 with 218,000 donations; averages not released.
Buttigieg raised $7 million Q1 and hasn't yet declared- exploratory. 160,000 donors; roughly 66% of donations under $200.
Cory Booker raised $5 million, and has not released info on his donor base.
Andrew Yang:
$1.7 million in the first quarter from 80,000 donors, who gave an average of about $18 apiece.
Elizabeth Warren:
Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator, has reportedly transferred $10 million to her presidential campaign from her Senate war chest, giving her the resources to remain competitive, despite a rumored slow start to fundraising. Prioritizing small-dollar, grassroots contributions, Warren has vowed not to hold special meet-and-greets for big donors — a decision that prompted the resignation of her finance chief.
Inslee and Hickenlooper each raised around $1 million; no info from Gabbard.

Why focus on fundraising? Because the candidate that spends the most usually wins.
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