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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Originally Posted by ChuckF View Post
I simply adore Mayor Pete. I don't know or care anything about his policy positions but I am kind of an easy demographic for a multilingual gay 30-something liberal.

I am also glad that we are getting the Mayor Pete surge out of our system early this cycle. Obviously as Democrats our natural impulse is simply to crave defeat, so the faster we can play-act these fantasy candidates and move on, the better. Hopefully Beto will be the next one we move past.
Iím not sure why you are so dismissive of Mayor Peteís chances. Sure, heís a long shot, but Ö did anyone think, at this time in early 2015, that Drump was going to even run, much less be elected? What about Jimmy Carter in April 1975? Was he on anyoneís radar? JFK, while on the radar in April 1959 (he had run for but lost an open convention vote for Adlaiís Stevensonís running mate in 1956) was also considered a long shot to win the 1960 nomination.

An interesting trend is that Democrats tend to go for new, or relatively new, and young, or relatively young, candidates for president: FDR in 1932, JFK in 1960, Carter in 1976, Bill Clinton in 1992, Barack Obama in 2008,

I tend to agree that Beto is a Bright Shiny Thing, though Iím open to being proven wrong. Mayor Pete? He strikes me as a man of considerable substance, who currently is kicking the living shit out of Mike Dunce.

Could the U.S. elect a gay married man in his late thirties? Could the U.S. elect a black man?

Surely he will be almost unanimously opposed by the Confederate States of America, which never died but in fact lived on and ended up annexing the Rocky Mountain states. But then, the Idiot Horde of the CSA will vote against any Democrat.

Mayor Pete would run up staggering margins in many blue states, particularly the coasts. I canít see him losing a single state that Hillary won. Of course the Electoral College is the key, and the election will be decided in the Rust Belt, as it was in 2016. Could Mayor Pete carry those states? I think so. Hell, given who he is, he could potentially even carry Confederate Indiana! At least, unlike Hillary Clinton, he would have enough goddamn sense to actually campaign in the Rust Belt states. Even Hillary isnít stupid enough to blame the ďVichyĒ New York Times for losing.

Bear in mind that I predicted, in this forum, in January 2016, that Drumpf would be elected president ó so heed my evil prophetic powers! :muahaha:
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