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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Originally Posted by erimir View Post
On the other hand, davidm also predicted that Trump would not appoint Scalias. And that Trump would be neutral* between Israel and Palestine. That Trump wouldn't try to gut entitlements while Democrats in Congress would be willing to. And that his administration would not attack LGBT rights.

I don't see much to heed there.

*Or at least, probably no worse than Obama/Clinton
Actually, you little lying liar, I did not predict any of those things. I said those things were possible -- that we needed to wait and see. Even the possibility of these things were denied by many. I was more open-minded about the possibility that Trump would actually do some of the things that he said he would. I did not predict anything that you have shoved into my mouth, in your blatant and pathetic dishonesty.

I challenge you to show a single post in which I predicted any of these things.

You can't do it!

It's just like when you claimed that I said that the media can do no wrong -- when I had said just the opposite. But facts didn't stand in the way of your lying then, did they? :chin: And they won't stand in the way of you lying now.

You and theMan have become the things that you claim to hate -- serial liars, just like your hero Donald Trump.

Sad! :cry:

But Donald Trump will be thrilled with your votes in 2020!
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