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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Originally Posted by davidm View Post
Originally Posted by erimir View Post
On the other hand, davidm also predicted that Trump would not appoint Scalias. And that Trump would be neutral* between Israel and Palestine. That Trump wouldn't try to gut entitlements while Democrats in Congress would be willing to. And that his administration would not attack LGBT rights.

I don't see much to heed there.

*Or at least, probably no worse than Obama/Clinton
Actually, you little lying liar, I did not predict any of those things. I said those things were possible -- that we needed to wait and see. Even the possibility of these things were denied by many. I was more open-minded about the possibility that Trump would actually do some of the things that he said he would. I did not predict anything that you have shoved into my mouth, in your blatant and pathetic dishonesty.

I challenge you to show a single post in which I predicted any of these things.

You can't do it!

It's just like when you claimed that I said that the media can do no wrong -- when I had said just the opposite. But facts didn't stand in the way of your lying then, did they? :chin: And they won't stand in the way of you lying now.

You and theMan have become the things that you claim to hate -- serial liars, just like your hero Donald Trump.

Sad! :cry:

But Donald Trump will be thrilled with your votes in 2020!
I generally don't like getting into this, as I like you all, but...

2016 Presidential Race - Page 33 - Freethought Forum

You repeatedly state that the "Lesser of two evils" is Trump. In that post, you claim that Trump might be the lesser of two evils on Israel, and that he wouldn't gut entitlements.

I didn't bother to find it, but I do remember you thought he wouldn’t appoint another Scalia. I actually would have been happier with another Scalia compared to his picks. If you really think you didn't make that claim, I will attempt to find it.

I don't think erimir is misrepresenting what you wrote. If you were attempting nuance there, you didn't achieve it.
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