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Default Re: Movies that aren't really BAD -- but aren't very good, either

Under the Silver Lake

This was better than most movies that try to be David Lynch movies, but that's not saying much because I never like those. But it's also really good at doing an updated noir thing. But then it throws in all this cheesy crap like from a Scooby Doo episode or a really bad network TV detective show, and I think it doesn't distance itself enough or something. Like I was literally wishing for some parts to literally spell out that they're a dream sequence because I could think of no other excuse. And hooey, do I dislike it when movies are too reliant on pop culture references. Even though I liked a pretty good amount of the specific pop culture referenced.

But it was still well made enough that I want to kind of rationalize the parts I didn't like.

But that was a lot of parts.

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