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Default Re: This Just in! Vaccines STILL Do Not Cause Autism

Originally Posted by JamesBannon View Post
Of course, since it is a bactericide and fungicide, it is toxic when ingested or injected, but this does not mean it causes autism.
You bring up an interesting point.

That we do not know what Thimerosal can do to developing mammals is just flat out un the fuck believable. It's like, what in the hell happened to injecting animals with shit to find out what can happen?

Again, this whole autism/mercury/vaccine bullshit arguments that go all over the place are all because of the lack of science.

Take a boatload or two of chimps, inject some of them with the vaccines, and see what the hell happens. Inject some more of them with a shitload of thimerosal and see what happens. Don't inject some of them at all. Inject the momma chimps, inject the baby chimps, do all that scientific animal testing that we know how to do to find out what happens.

Do it more than once. Do it over generations of chimps, do it it in all those scientific ways where you can simply know what Thimerosal can or can't do to primates.

It isn't some mysterious task. This is done all the time.

We DON"T EVEN KNOW if Thimerosal CAN EVEN CAUSE neurological problems. Hard to believe, but nobody even knows.

I say find out. That is how evidence based medicine works. Everything else is bullshit and avoiding the issue.

Yes it cost money, yes it would maybe hurt some chimps, but so what? It's not like the military hasn't done this to tens of thousands of chimps already.

They are doing this kind of thing to chimps right now.
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