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Default Naturalism Is the Only Explanation?


Well, except for one thing. ;) Consciousness which, is all inside our heads, explains how the natural world works, not the natural world itself. Whereby the natural world or, the Universe itself, merely 'sits there,' totally oblivious to itself and, all things. In fact it would suffice to say, it's just plain stupid! ;) Albeit yeah, if none of it were laid out in a 'comprehensible way' - which, is surely indicative to its source - we'd have no understanding or, appreciation of it whatsoever.

It's like, Who turned on the lights! :D

Oh yeah, although the Universe doesn't know Jack, Jack - and, all the rest of his 'ghost buddies?' - aha! - most certainly knows who he is! :D
Death (and living) is all in our heads. It is a creation of our own imagination. So, maybe we just "imagine" that we die? :prettycolors:

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