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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by LadyShea View Post
Appeal to false authority who is Tetyana Obukhanych

Also, as far as I can tell, she was not Harvard trained. Was that a mistake or a lie or is Rockefeller University now Harvard?

FTR I did my due diligence, and the anti vaxxers simply dont have any good scientific evidence supporting their views.
No you did not do your due diligence LadyShea. All you did was pulled out the typical response to her letter from pro-vaxxers trying to say that anti-vaxxers are using an appeal to authority. Isn't that what you all do? How easy it is accuse someone (with one of your labels) whenever it's convenient. There is so much scientific evidence showing the connection between certain vaccines and injury in a subset of susceptible children that to ignore the research is complete denial on your part.
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