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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
Originally Posted by Ari View Post
None of your pro-vaxers do your research, btw here some story by an immunologist that lied about her degree, pfft, I bet you wont even read it, typical!
I don't believe she is unqualified. Why don't you take the time to listen to her lecture instead of reading the typical provaccine rhetoric?

Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. - Natural Immunity and Vaccination - YouTube
She has the educational credentials, but they aren't the credentials headlined in the article you posted, and she does not seem to work in the field at all, nor do any original research. Why is that?

I read her article and it was very poorly done. It took me less than 10 minutes to check out one of the studies she cited to support a point, and found she had cherry picked things out of context (don't you hate that a lot?) and twisted it to suit her biased view (isn't that something else you complain about frequently?). Why don't you fully investigate rather than just accepting anti-vaxxers at their word?
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