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I got called out for cheating by a smurf. I went into the parking lot of a closed park and splashed down his shitty, pineappled blocker. He didn’t even recharge it, I don’t think he had a key.

He accused me of trespassing twice.

I think the other blockers I killed were like an exercise course that ran parallel to a public road, that I drove down bursting. I spent literally 200 bursters to take one of the portals because I couldnt stand on it and ultra strike or even get in range of a Jarvis.

For the the 1pm cp, I threw 5 layers for like 335kmu. The history park where I wanted to throw my layers from was closed (I’m not sure if it was the rain or what). I ended up throwing to the portals I could reach from their parking lot :)
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