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Originally Posted by Ensign Steve View Post
Where did you find the free Amazon Prime stuff?
Audible Channels.

ETA: ok just figured out that this is actually already part of the Audible app. Very limited content.

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
Have you guys checked your library? A lot of them subscribe to services like Overdrive where you can borrow audiobooks online.

I get a little annoyed at most of the audiobooks I've tried to listen to because they do too much "acting" kind of stuff. I wish I could sort by monotoneness or something.
Our library does have Overdrive and it has some cool stuff, including some of the stuff I have listened to. It has happened that there has been a waiting list for some of it. I am also listening to a lot of really long non-fictiony books (which I have put off reading because they are long) and I would feel guilty knowing that somebody else is waiting for me to finish when it takes me like 2 months. But they do have a lot of good stuff in shorter form that I might use sometime.

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