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Default Re: Cheese discussion thread

I am prejudiced against pepper jack or any jack cheese. I think it's called that in much the same way ex-Mormons are called Jack Mormons. They're just not real, not up to snuff. It has the melting point of brie, but not the character - which is why you have to add peppers to it, but that doesn't help because there's still the so-called cheese part left.

I am trying to work on this - and know many fine people who love the stuff. Maybe if it hadn't been masquerading as mozzarella in cheese sticks I ordered at a bowling alley the first time I encountered it, this would not be an issue. But jack and mozzarella, though both whiteish, are not the same. Mozzarella can stand up to deep frying. Jack causes multiple burns and does not wipe off easily.

I do like babybells and could eat a bag of them in about 2 minutes, peeling time included.
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