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Default Re: Cheese discussion thread

This is EXACTLY what this forum needs, a conversation on the merits of cheese, one of the planet's finest foods.

Thanks Janet! Thanet.

Cheddar. VT #1. NY and WI close seconds.


Some smoked cheddars is good in small doses.

#3. Havarti. 3.5, with dill itza goood.

#4. American Muenster on grilled breads or just warmed up to room temp.

Cold right out of the fridge its not much tastier than swiss. Actually, all these cheeses are better if allowed to warm a bit, imho. But not so much they start to sweat.

Just say NO to sweaty cheese!

#5. Fresh Mozzarella

Mrs. KA makes this killer pasta dish with basil and tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and chicken base and penne...i'd share the recipe except she never measures anything so that list is about as close ya's get to one.

And on pizza too, but some mozzarella is apparently loaded with lactose and it kills me if eat too much without some remedy for the lactose intolerance on hand.

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